Infastructure Projects Cause Delays in the Capital

Residents of our fine city will no doubt noticed major traffic congestion on the roads of late. The freedom highway and Swali Road are now down to one lane each way and commuters are being urged to travel outside of peak times or attempt to use public transport.

The reason for these delays is the roadworks being undertaken to replace and modernize our waste water and sewerage system. Last year we had a number of projects which were due to aging and burst/cracked pipes. A repor was conducted and found that merely replacing as they broke was not a financially viable option. This year the beloved transport minister Seb Bwali allocated 3.5 million us dollars for the upgrade.

Seb Bwali is actually a qualified Plumber! He studied in the united kingdom and was a working plumber in manchester so we assume the man knows what he is talking about and that the project runs smoothly.


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The heating Debate in Togo

Residents of the high veldt in Togo have been warned that the coming winter is forecast to be one of the harshest yet. Heavy snow and long wet periods are being predicated for the moe noi and pagopago districts. Today we’ll be looking at some precautions residents of these area can can to safeguard their families.

Number one is to have an emergency kit prepared. These means stocking enough tinned food for 3 weeks and drinking water for 4 weeks. Include in your kit a transistor radio, candles, a lighter/matches and warm blankets and clothing. The roads are often closed for weeks at a time due to slips and snow meaning supplies are unable to be transported in by road.


Make sure to also include an ample supply of heating oil. With temperatures dropping below zero degrees for much of the time heating is important. Elderly and infant are especially susceptible to low temperature. The recent heating debate about the price of heating oil has led to generous subsidies from the Togo government. There should no longer be any excuse for a home in Togo to be cold during the winter months. If you would like to find out further information about this offer visit your local Togo council building.

Another way the togo government is preparing resident for the coming winter season is by checking the homes of all those residents who are aged 70 and older. A team of local volunteers will be making weekly house calls to these residents to make sure they are adequately feed, clothed and warm. This follows on fromlast years pilot scheme that proved to be a resounding success and is thought to have prevented the death of over 39 of our elderly residents.


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Working with Parents in Togo

With the recent economic boom in Togo and the extra tax revenue being received as a result of this the Togo Government has began to invest more money into social programmes. One such programme that will be starting next month is the drive to have more jogging strollers made available to parents. Studies have shown that paents who are active with their children from an early age are less of a drain on the health care system, are generally more productive law abiding members of society and are likely to obtain higher schooling results.

So what the Government has done is team up with local childcare centres and are offering a 50% discount on double jogging strollers. The aim is to also increase the fitness of the parent especially the mother.

The stroller will be coming from a company called able parents which is a large producer of double stroller both here in Africa and abroad in developed western countries such as the uk and the united states of America.

The strollers will be very colorful so as to promote this educational drive as well as make motorists more aware that they are about.

Strollers have never really been a popular form of child transport in Togo as this was mainly due to the purchase cost which is out of reach of the average Togo parent. It is hoped that the special discount which runs until December will encourage more Togo parents to give them a try and to also hand them on to other family members when they are no longer required.

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Bread and the Importance in Traditional Togo Society

Togo is a curious mix of urban and rural society. As would be expected rural togo is a curious blend of traditional african culture blended with some western influence. This can perhaps be best demonstrated with one of the staple food groups in Togo which is bread. Bread was and still is a major part of rural Togo diet. The village is structured so that one individual has the role of making bread for the rest of the village. This person is generally a male and carries the rather long respectful title of best breadman for bread a hereditary title.



In urban society where the village society has broken down residents make their own bread. While some will buy from a store this is still a relatively expensive luxury that many cannot afford. So in Togo many people have what is called a toastmaster. A toastmaster is like a mini oven where the user places all of the ingredients into and waits for the bread to bake over a period of 2 – 3 hours. There is really only one brand of machine that you can purchase in Togo and that is the best toastmaster for bread it was introduced by he English in the 1960’s and serves the Togo people well. The reason for it dominance is the sturdy structure and it’s ability to handle Togo wheat which is slightly tougher than other regional forms of wheat. Added to this is the fact that the toastmaster is relatively inexpensive to purchase which is important in Togo as the average income per population is still well below $10,000 per year.

You can purchase the toastmaster from most corner family run stores for around $12 and it would be expected to last between three to five years.

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New Royal Palace Announced

Just before celebrations start around Togo for independence day the President has announced that the Palace will be under going a major refurbishment. I believe this is a long overdue refurbishment as rumours on the diplomatic trail would seem to indicate that as a function venue it was dated and bordering on inappropriate for use in greeting overseas guests.

The interior is to get an overhaul, re carpeted , painted both inside and out. All construction materials are being sourced from Greece with the awnings and timber frames coming from an upmarket Greek manufacturer by the name of βρείτε τέντες στο Περιστέρι

The construction team for the palace reconstruction team has also been finalised. It was a long tender process but the contracts have finall been awarded. The same Greek compan that will be providing the materials also has a construction arm. I have been told by members of the contracts team that Togo as able to negotiate a generous discount due to purchasing both the materials and labour through the same parent company. The construction side of the business is called βρείτε τεντες σε πειραιας

greek awnings

We look forward to the soon to be completed palace and will be welcoming the Greek workforce with open arms and a friendly Togo smile. Full details of the budget that has been set aside and the stages and timeframes involved can be picked up at the main Togo Citizens Contract office between 10am and 12:30pm every Thursday and Friday.

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Togo lends a hand to quake victims

The government of Togo yesterday announced a foreign aid package to be sent to the earthquake struck city of christchurch new zealand. It is only the second time in modern history that togo has provided such aid and is a clear indication that togo’s economy is finding it’s feet. The aid package will include a number of kitset homes christchurch and will also involve technical help in repairing damaged infrastructure. Togo’s foriegn minister le Penn de gallie said that when togo was recovering from the devasting 2004 floods New Zealand had been one of the first countries to step up and provide aid. Le Penn also hoped that this will enhance warm relations between the two countries and lead to a free trade deal as soon as next year.

christchurch building

The aid comes hot on the heels of news that togo economy grew by 23% last year which puts it in the leading spot for yearly economic growth and as a result increased the tax revenue gatherd by the government and allowed this aid to be given. Well done togo and thanks to the community of ter hie for providing us this information. For more news regarding the sid package please visit

Next week we’ll be having a holiday to celebrate the togo independence day and we hope to bring you all the happenings from this happy day.

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